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School Supply List for Kindergarten

School Supply List for Kindergarten

Can you believe it? Your preschooler is now about to be a Kindergartner! I cannot believe how fast the years can fly by! I’m sure you’re just as emotional as I am about sending my youngest to Kindergarten. Whether we’re ready or not the new school season is here and we have to be prepared. That’s why I have put together this must have school supply list for Kindergarten.

Not only will this help explain what your child will need for this upcoming school year and why, but this post will also help you find great deals on good quality products.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, and that means that I may earn a commission if you buy something. There is NO ADDED cost to you. You can find our really boring disclosure policy here.

Many of the products I recommend are Amazon Prime products, which means you will qualify for fast FREE shipping. If you’re not a member yet you can find more details and sign up for a FREE trial below.

School Supply List for Kindergarten

  1. The number one item on our school supply list is a large backpack. Even though the small, cute backpacks are adorable, many teachers will tell you they are just not big enough to hold everything that your child will need to bring home. This backpack is large, durable, water resistant and goes for a great price.

buy blue and green dinosaur large backpack for school supply for kindergarten
buy gray and pink cat large backpack for school supply for kindergarten
buy purple and pink unicorn large backpack for school supply for kindergarten
buy blue large sea theme backpack for school supply for kindergarten

As you can see there are many different colors and styles of this backpack to choose from. There are even more to choose from other than what’s pictured above. You can find more details below. You won’t believe the price.

purchase large backpack for back to school supply

Writing/Coloring Materials

2. The next item on our school supply list for Kindergarten is pencils. Kindergartners will use pencils for a variety of work and fun activities. Pencils are an essential school supply and your little one will need them for the entire year. I love these good quality pencils for Kindergartners, because they are using them to learn proper gripping and to write. These activities help to develop their fine motor skills.

buy # 2 pencils for kindergarten supply list

3. Crayons are another important must have item for Kindergartners. Crayons are used for a number of work and art activities. Your child will also use crayons for the entire school year and at home. I love using these crayons because they have a good level of quality and are for a great price.

buy 24 pack of crayola crayons for kindergarten school supply

4. Washable markers will be used in the Kindergarten classroom over and over again as well. This Kindergarten school supply is used for artwork as well as many other activities during the Kindergarten school year. I love buying markers that will last so that I don’t have to keep replacing them throughout the year.

buy crayola washable markers for  kindergarten school supply

5. Another very useful item you will find on your child’s school supply list for Kindergarten is a pencil box. These boxes get a lot of wear and tear throughout the year so it’s important to buy a pretty sturdy pencil box that will last at least throughout the year. Pencil boxes are used to help Kindergartners keep their writing and art supplies organized.

I really like these pencil cases because of the zipper. A lot of pencil cases have those clamps to close and they can easily open and cause spills, but with these pencil box cases you don’t have to worry about that.

buy  pink pencil case box for kindergarten school supply

buy blue and black pencil case for kindergarten school supply

As you can see there are options suitable for boys and girls. There are also a variety of choices with other faces and colors. You can check them out below.

Art/Craft Supplies

6. The next list on this must have school supply list for Kindergarten is safety scissors. Your little one will get a lot of practice with using scissors this school year, so you’ll want to be sure you get a safe, good quality pair of scissors.

buy blue and black safety scissors for kindergarten school supply

You can also choose from a variety of colors for these scissors as well. Make sure to pick your little one’s favorite. Check them out below.

7. Another art/craft supply your now Kindergartener will need is glue sticks. Glue sticks just like many other Kindergarten school supplies are used for many things in the classroom such as: crafts, artwork and creative activities.

I love buying multipacks of glue sticks because you end up saving more in the long run, plus it works when you have multiple children as well. This keeps us supplied for school and home.

buy multipack of 4 gluesticks for kindergarten school supply

Cleaning Supplies for Kindergarten

8. I believe that Lysol wipes have not been needed anymore than they are right now in the classroom. This is definitely an essential item for your child’s Kindergarten school supply list.

Helping the teachers to be able to stock pile Lysol wipes will help keep your child’s classroom and surrounding environment a safer place for them and for their classmates.

buy lysol wipes for kindergarten school supply

9. Another cleaning supply needed for the Kindergarten classroom will be hand sanitizer. This school supply for Kindergarten is just as important as the Lysol wipes. This will help teachers keep classroom materials, desks and other high touch surfaces sanitized.

buy hand sanitizer for kindergarten school supply

11. The last “cleaning” supply on our must have school supply list for Kindergarten is Kleenex. During the Kindergarten school year I am sure there are runny noses, tears, plus many other things that require teachers and students to grab a Kleenex multiple times a day.

This is a product that I am sure your child will need and their teacher will be very appreciative of any extra that you send for the classroom.

Kleenex is a product that I like to buy in bulk because I know the kids will need it at school, and we use it a lot at home, especially during the colder months.

buy kleenex for  a kindergarten school supply

Bonus Kindergarten School Supply

I know you won’t find this item on your child’s Kindergarten school supply list, but in light of everything that is happening in so many places all over the world I want you to be prepared from day to day.

Honestly, we don’t know if our children will be able to complete the entire school year in the classroom or if they will have to go back into online learning.

I know that one challenge for us this past year was having enough tablets/laptops available for all of our children’s class sessions throughout the day.

It’s vitally important that we stay prepared so that our children won’t miss out on any of their learning sessions this year. Chromebooks are a great way to ensure your child will be able to do everything that they need without buying a full blown laptop.

My girls used a Chromebook this past school year and it was so very helpful. Even if you don’t think your Kindergartner will need one, maybe your older child will find it useful.

buy chrombook for school supply

You won’t believe this price. You can find thereviews here.


In conclusion, I really do hope this must have school supply list for Kindergarten has been helpful to you.

I have found that buying good quality items that will last longer saves you money and time in return.

Your child will need pencils, crayons, markers, scissors and several other items. I know it may seem like a bunch right now, but think about what you will save by purchasing in bulk and/or good quality products from the start.

This prevents you from having to buy over and over again and even on some items, year after year.

In this last year, I have also found shopping online to be super convenient. It has saved us time, gas and money because we have been able to find some really good deals.

What items are on your child’s school supply list for Kindergarten? Have you already completed your shopping? Do you prefer shopping in the stores or online? I would love to hear. Please leave your comments below!

must have kindergarten school supplies pin for pinterest

Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers

Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers

Did someone say fall? Yes! Cooler weather, leaves turning colors, beautiful sunsets and so much more. I absolutely love this time of year! Watching the seasons change is always a great opportunity to explore nature and learn to embrace the changes the next season will bring. It’s a great time of year to include some wonderful learning opportunities for toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids. If you need some inspiration for new fun fall activities for preschoolers then you’re at the right place!




Early learning is vital to children’s growth and development and we should do as much as we can with them as early as we can to ensure they get a fantastic start. During fall there are so many fun activities to with preschoolers and toddlers! From apple and pumpkin picking, to fun activities and worksheets to crafts! The fun and learning never has to end!



This is a great season for in and outdoor activities. Some days it’s a bit warmer to enjoy a fall activity outside and then on the cooler days you can enjoy some fun learning with printables, crafts, games or other indoor activities. I have placed these fun fall activities for preschoolers into four categories: Fall Literacy Activities, Fall Sensory Activities, Fall Crafts and Fall Printables and Activties.



Fun Fall Activities for Preschoolers




Fall Literacy Activities



Developing literacy skills during the early years is crucial. When children have these skills before they start school, we place them at an advantage. They will now be equipped with the skills they need to begin learning to read. Practicing these skills at home gives preschoolers and toddlers an early start to developing literacy skills that will help them throughout their lifetime.



Fall Reading Challenge– Mommy Snippets






This fall reading challenge is fun for kids of all ages. It’s the perfect activity to get the kiddos reading.




Acorn Alphabet Learning Activity– Crafting with Kids



Acorn Alphabet Learning Activity

This is a great fall learning activity that helps young children get familiar with the alphabet. Take a nature walk, find acorns and turn them into alphabet blocks!




Dr. Seuss Truffula Trees Craft For Kids– Tourists Meets Traveler




Dr. Seuss’s Truffula Trees Craft for Kids



As the leaves start changing on the trees outside, have some fun with Dr. Seuss! You can read the story together and then make these adorable truffula trees.




A is for Apple Hand Art– Kindergarten Worksheets and Games





A is for Apple




Help kids learn their letters starting with the letter Aa. This fun-to-make A is for apple handprint craft is fun for preschool and kindergarten age students.




Fall Sensory Activities

Sensory development is also important in early learning. Sensory skills allow kids to develop fine motor skills and well as increase determination, motivation and social play.



Corn Sensory Bin Lil Tigers




corn sensory bin for kids




Make your own corn sensory bin and enjoy fall with this greet sensory activity.




How to create a Fall Sensory Bin– Simply Full of Delight




How to make a Fall Sensory Bin



A simple craft for small children to inspire creativity. You can reuse this idea for any holiday or season!




Fall Leaves Sensory Bottle and Book Activity-Messy Little Monsters




Fall sensory bottle



Celebrate fall with this easy to make fall sensory bottle and book activity.





Fall Crafts for Preschoolers




Craft activities are great ways for children to express their imagination as well as their creative side. Craft activities also help with learning colors, shapes and developing fine motor skills.




Leaf Hedgehog Craft and Template- Messy Little Monster



Leaf hedgehog craft with FREE HEDGEHOG PRINTABLE template. An easy Autumn/ Fall leaf craft idea for kids. Toddlers and preschoolers will love it!



This leaf hedgehog craft is the perfect fall craft. There is a free printable too!





Paper Plate Leaf Wreath– Messy Little Monster




paper plate leaf wreath




Decorate your home with this cute leaf paper plate wreath craft. The colors look fab!




Paper Weaving Fall Printables– Artsy Crafty Mom


This printable activity/craft is great for keeping the little ones busy while helping develop fine motor skills!




Cupcake Liner Owl Craft Artsy Crafty Mom



Kids will love making this cupcake liner owl with all of the festive fall colors!




Easy Pumpkin Thanksgiving Craft– Artsy Crafty Mom



Your kiddos will enjoy this is easy pumpkin craft for a fun fall activity!




Fall Cereal Tree Craft for Kids 123 Homeschool for Me




Cereal Fall Tree Craft - this is such a fun, simple-to-make fall craft for kids from toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade



Kids will have fun making this pretty cereal tree to reflect the beautiful color in autumn trees. This fall craft for preschoolers is also great for working on fine motor skills.




Styrofoam Peanuts Fall Craft 123 Homeschool for Me




Here is a super cute fall craft for kids using packing peanuts! This simple to make Styrofoam Peanuts Fall Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers uses red, orange, yellow, brown, and green leaves to make a colorful 3d craft. This autumn craft produces such beautiful results with a unique look and texture that is fun to play. Great for preschool, pre k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students.




Don’t throw out those packing peanuts! Make this fun, 3D fall craft for kids instead!




Fall Leaf Prints with Markers– 123 Homeschool for Me




My kids love collecting pretty red, orange, and yellow leaves in the fall! We end up with lots of beautiful leaves from our daily walks. I was trying to find something different to do with the leaves, you know other than just crayon leaf rubbing or preserving leaves. So we made Fall Leaf Prints with markers. This leaf printing activity is such a fun leaf activity that preserves the intricate detail of leaves with cute leaf printing ideas. This leaf craft for kids is lots of fun and such an easy fall craft for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students.




Take leaf rubbings to a whole new level with this fun marker leaf prints project. This fall nature craft is perfect for your kids of all ages.




Printable Fall HatsPreschool Play and Learn



Looking for a beautiful, fun to make preschool fall crafts your toddler, preschool, pre k, and kindergarten age child will enjoy making in September, October, and November. Kids will have fun making super cute, printable fall hats with our downloadable pdf file with several templates to choose from. This is a great Fall Activity for Preschoolers!




Celebrate FALL by making a hat craft! Simply print your favorite template to create a super cute, free printable fall craft for preschoolers.




Parts of a Pumpkin Craft– Kindergarten and Worksheet Games




Sneak in some fun pumpkin science this October with a super cute and fun-to-make Parts of a Pumpkin Craft.  This pumpkin craft is easy to make with toddler, preschool, pre k, kindergarten, and first grade students. Plus it includes a pumpkin science worksheets perfect for making learning fun this fall.




Help kids learn about the parts of a pumpkin with this fun science craft! This paper plate pumpkin craft is perfect for fall science.




Pumpkin Stamping for PreschoolLittle Sprouts Learning




A great fine motor and sensory experience for kids is pumpkin stamping. They can dip them in paint or like we did, an ink pad, and stamp the shapes onto paper.





When you carve your pumpkin, you can use the leftover pieces to make these super fun pumpkin art stamps for kids.




Fall Suncatchers Crafts by Amanda




3 fall themed sun catchers on a window




Kids will have fun creating these pumpkin, acorn, and apple fall suncatchers!




Coffee Filter and Pumpkin Craft– Three Kids, Three Cats and a Husband




Coffee Filter Leaf & Pumpkin Craft (with Food Coloring)




Preschoolers will love watching the colors merge as they make these beautiful leaf and pumpkin garlands. Great for decorating the classroom or the mantel at home.




Pumpkin Craft for Preschoolers– Simple Everyday Mom




pumpkin craft for kids image collage with the words pumpkin craft for preschool simpleeverydaymom.com in the middle




Preschoolers will have a blast making these fall pumpkin crafts!




Cute Acorn Craft for Kids– Simple Everyday Mom




paper acorn craft image collage with the words acorn craft in the middle for a fall activity for preschoolers




Preschoolers will enjoy this very cute acorn fall craft activity!




Forest Fairy– Daisies and Pie




fairy wings and crown made from autumn leaves for a fall activity for preschoolers




This is a fun craft perfect for older kids as well as younger ones. They will have fun creating this fairy costume!





Fall Printables and Activities for Preschoolers




Autumn Leaves Learning ActivitiesMama Smiles Joyful Parenting




Wonderful autumn leaves learning activities for kids. From reading to math to art projects, there are fun educational activities for everyone to welcome fall!





Fall Cutting Practice for Kids 3 Boys and A Dog







This Fall Cutting practice worksheet is great for preschoolers. Encourage your little ones to practice their scissor skills.




Fall Bingo Printable Maple Planners




Free Printable Fall Bingo Game




Preschoolers and Kindergartners will enjoy playing this Fall themed bingo game that is perfect for birthday parties, classroom setting, road trips or a fun activity for kids.




Fall Leaf Preschool Pattern Activity– Go places with Kids




Fall leaves pattern hunt




Preschoolers will love this fun and engaging fall pattern activity! Go for a scavenger hunt outside to find the correctly colored leaves to complete each pattern in the free printable.





Nature Walk Game– Pink Fortitude




Wanna make your nature walks a little more fun and interesting? This Nature Walk Game and printable is fun for kids, adults, grandparents - the whole family!




Wanna make your nature walks a little more fun and interesting? This Nature Walk Game and printable is fun for kids, adults, grandparents – the whole family!




Simple Do A Dot Printables– Preschool Play and Learn




Kids will have fun using bingo daubers to strengthen fine motor skills as they make fall themed pictures with these free do a dot printables. You can also use these as sticker worksheets and make a pumpkin, sunflower, apple, acorn, and leaf picture with these do a dot printables fall.  These is a fun activity for toddler, preschool, pre k and kindergarten age children.




Kids LOVE using dot markers! So grab these fall do a dot printables to make fun fall pictures like apples, pumpkins, and more with bingo markers!





Fall Slime– Mommy Made That




fall slime as  a fall activity for preschoolers




This fun fall slime is easy to make at home. Preschoolers love making slime! Add in some glittery fall leaves and it’s a perfect opportunity to talk to your child about the changing season.





Friendship Soup Activity Little Sprouts Learning




Relationships are an important part of development and future success. This friendship soup activity is a great way to get kids thinking about others.




Friendship soup is a great fall activity for young kids. They can learn about taking turns and sharing and eat a yummy meal.








In conclusion, Fall is a wonderful time of year for so many different crafts and activities. Fall is a great season to introduce new opportunities for learning for preschoolers and toddlers.



I really do hope you have found these fun fall activities for preschoolers helpful.



Which activities do you plan to try? Do you have any fun fall activities for kids that you enjoy? If so, please share in the comments!


































Preparing Your Preschooler for School

Preparing Your Preschooler for School

Is it that time already? You better believe it! It’s time to make sure your preschooler is all ready for school. Mom, if you’re like me, you are full of different emotions right now. I am so excited, yet a bit nervous all at the same time. Your preschooler is full of those same emotions! This year I will be sending my youngest to school. The time has gone by so fast! I know you have been preparing for this day for a long time, but now it’s time to really make sure your preschooler is ready. By that I don’t just mean being able to spell his/her name and tie their shoes. We have to make sure they are also mentally and socially ready. I have prepared this amazing round up of printables and activities to help you prepare your preschooler for school.

I have a checklist and activities sheet to help you navigate your way through preparing your preschooler for school. As you go through these activities and the checklist please remember that each child is unique and will work at their own pace. If there are things you find that your child still needs to work on, it is okay! Subjects like reading and writing are ones that children will learn at their own pace, so just accept where your child is and work with them from there.

What to Expect

In this post, you will learn how self care and independence is just as important as learning numbers and the alphabet. I have divided this post into sections to help you navigate the activities to help prepare your little one for school: Emotional Preparedness, Learning the Alphabet, Learning Numbers, Colors and Shapes, Learning to Write your Name and Use Scissors, and Books to Read to help prepare preschoolers for school.

Preparing Your Preschooler for School

Emotional & Self Care Preparedness for School

Help your child get ready for school with these 7 simple steps you can start now. Getting kids emotionally prepared for school is just as, if not more, important as preparing them academically.- Finding Myself Young

It’s important to have conversations with your child about kindergarten, the new school and routine, as this will help with setting him or her up for success.- Ottawa Mommy Club

Learning the Alphabet

free printable bubble letters templates come in handy for crafts, homeschooling, learning how to write bubble letters and much more

These fun printable bubble letter templates are a great way to teach kids their letters. They will learn to identify all the letters of the alphabet and how to write them.- Freebie Finding Mom

Letters Tracing A-Z Worksheets to help prepare preschoolers for school

Help your kids learn the basic skills with these letters tracing A-Z worksheets free printable. These letters tracing worksheets are perfect for kindergartners and preschoolers when they are just beginning to hold their pencils and start scribbling on the paper.- Maple Planners

Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun! Kids will love tracing letters with SLIME! learning the alphabet will help prepare prechoolers for school

Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun! Kids will love tracing letters with SLIME!- The Soccer Mom Club

Learning Numbers, Color & Shapes

Free Color by Number Printables, ice cream color by number

Practice number recognition with these free color by number pages! Color by numbers are great for learning to follow directions, building focus, and fine motor skills.- Simply Full of Delight

This DIY color matching game for toddlers is a clever way to practice color recognition. This educational craft is super easy and kids can help make it with 3 simple household supplies. Helpful way to teach preschoolers their color words.

This easy DIY color matching game for toddlers is a clever way to practice color recognition and words, and it’s adaptable to different ages and skill levels!- The Soccer Mom Club

Free Printable Shapes: 2D Shapes

These printable shapes can be a fun preschool or kindergarten activity. Kids can color them, cut them out, make crafts with them, and play games with them.- Freebie Finding Mom

Free Printable Shapes with Color: 2D Shapes

Here’s a colored version of the same shape templates above. These printable shapes are great for craft projects and educational games.- Freebie Finding Mom

Helping Preschoolers Learn to Write their Name and Use Scissors

Do you have a little one starting Kindergarten soon? Get them a step ahead with Foolproof Ways for Your Child to Learn to Write Their Name.- Conservamom

farm animals themed scissor skills sheets for fine motor practice

These farm-themed cutting practice for preschoolers will help prepare them for kindergarten. This fun cutting worksheet will help them practice using scissors while building fine motor skills.- 3 Boys and A Dog

Books to Read to help Prepare Preschoolers for School

Here are some excellent books to read to help a preschooler prepare for kindergarten. Adults will enjoy them too!- Fluxing Well


In conclusion, making sure your preschooler is prepared for school is an emotional time for us parents and for children. When getting your child ready for school, preparing them mentally and socially is just as important as the academics. With time, patience and routines making sure your preschooler is ready for school can be made a lot easier.

I hope these printables, activities and books have been helpful in assisting you with ideas to help you as you prepare your preschooler for their big first day! Get creative and have fun!

Remember each child is unique and will work at their own pace. It’s important for us moms to recognize where are our children are and help them from their starting point.

Which of these do you plan to use? Do you have any ideas for preparing preschoolers for school? I would love to hear them! Please leave them in the comments below!

4th of July Activities for Preschoolers

4th of July Activities for Preschoolers

The 4th of July is a holiday that we celebrate in the United States to commemorate America’s Independence Day. An interesting fact about this holiday is that America actually declared independence from Great Britain on July 2, 1774. It just so happens that we celebrate on the 4th of July.

It is a day that we take time to remember those who fought for our rights, freedoms and independence. This is America’s birthday and we should partake in the celebration!

The 4th of July is one of those holidays that I remember always getting excited about. We would have so much fun eating great cookout food, playing fun games and enjoying the fireworks at night! This was apart of my summer that I looked forward to each year.

I also remember having some bored moments waiting for all of the fun to start. Waiting can be so hard for kids! I couldn’t wait for nightfall, because I would be so excited for the fireworks to start. So I know how difficult it can be keeping the little ones entertained when you’re preparing for the 4th of July events. This is why I have rounded up 16 awesome 4th of July activities for preschoolers, toddlers and kids!

4th of July Activities for Preschoolers

4th of July Free PrintablesHess Un Academy

Free 4th of July Printables for Kids | The Ultimate List 22

 Independence Day is one of the highlights of the summer. Whether you’re planning a 4th of July party, going to an Independence Day parade, or just need something to entertain your kids while waiting for the fireworks to begin, these free 4th of July printables for kids are sure to save the day.

DIY Firework Art for Kids Lil Tigers

DIY Firework art for kids

Make your own firework craft with the help of drinking straws. It is super easy and fun. Your kids will enjoy it.

DIY Colored Rice Recipe Lil Tigers

DIY colored rice recipe

This colored rice recipe will help you to make your own patriotic sensory tray. It is super simple, but fun.

Free Printable 4th of July Coloring PagesFreebie Finding Mom

Free printable Fourth of July coloring pages like this one featuring a big bottle rocket that's ready to blast off is a fun and festive way to decorate for the holiday.

Do you need fun and creative 4th of July decoration ideas? Get the kids involved by having them decorate these 3 Free Printable 4th of July Coloring Pages then use their patriotic masterpieces as DIY décor!

Uncle Sam Patriotic Sparkler HolderDIY Party Mom

Keep your sparklers safe and away from the kids this 4th of July with this fun Uncle Sam Patriotic Sparkler holder.  Or fill with cookies and other treats for a great gift idea or decoration at your pre-firework festivities.

Keep your sparklers safe and away from the kids this 4th of July with this fun Uncle Sam Patriotic Sparkler holder. Or fill with cookies and other treats for a great gift idea or decoration at your pre-firework festivities.

Color By Number American FlagSimply Full of Delight

Free American Flag Color by Number - Download your free copy now!  Great for any patriotic holiday including Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Flag Day and more!

Practice number recognition with this Color by Number American Flag! Great for fine motor skills and learning to follow directions. 

Uncle Sam Hat HeadbandSimply Full of Delight

Uncle Sam Hat Headband - Here's how to make an Uncle Sam Hat with a free printable!  Fun Kids Craft for 4th of July

Make your own Uncle Sam Patriotic Hat headband! There’s a full color version as well as a color your own. This is a simple patriotic craft that kids of all ages will enjoy!

4th of July Scavenger HuntMaple Planners

Independence Day Scavenger Hunt

A 4th of July Scavenger Hunt for kids is one of the perfect activities for kids to keep them entertained before and during 4th of July celebrations.

Patriotic BingoThe Denver Housewife

Free Patriotic Bingo Cards Printable for Kids- 4th of July activitiy for preschoolers

Patriotic Bingo is a free printable game for kids of all ages to enjoy over summer, especially on the 4th of July! You can also print it out and bring it on the go to picnics, camping, BBQ’s and more.

Patriotic Do-A-Dot Printables All About Baby Blog

july 4th printables do a dot free

Do-A-Dot worksheets are great for toddlers and even preschoolers. Keep your child busy learning and having fun with these worksheets this 4th of July!

Toilet Paper Roll FireworksCrafting with Kids

Toilet paper roll fireworks kids craft

“Learn how to make these easy toilet paper roll fireworks with household items. Your kids will love this 4th of July craft.”

Star Suncatchers Crafts by Amanda

star shaped suncatcher on window

“These star suncatchers are a great way to decorate for any patriotic holiday, including the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Patriot Day. Using a few supplies, kids can make several of these to decorate windows to add a festive touch to the holiday.”

Bonus Activities for Older Kids

4th Of July DIY Mason Jar CandlesSwankyDen

4th of July Mason Jar Candles DIY

These 4th of July candles are the picture gift for a party or DIY decoration for a 4th of July party.

Free 4th of July Word Search and Word ScrambleTwo Kids and A Coupon

Celebrate Independence Day early with fun and free printable Fourth of July Word Search and Word Scramble for kids. 

Celebrate Independence Day early with fun and free printable Fourth of July Word Search and Word Scramble for kids. 

4th of July Pinwheel WreathFun Learning Life

Have fun with the kids making this super cool 4th of July wreath from pinwheels!


In conclusion, the 4th of July is an American holiday in which we celebrate independence. I hope these 4th of July activities for preschoolers will help keep the kids busy and entertained while the preparations of the festivities are happening. The activities will also help with preschoolers, toddlers and even older kids fine motor skills!

What is favorite activity from the round up? What activities do you have planned for the kids this 4th of July? Please leave them in the comments!

Father’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

Father’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

Believe it or not Father’s Day is right around the corner! Father’s Day is the day that we take time to celebrate the important men in our lives. I’ve been doing the same sorts of things for our celebration for years now. I think it’s time for a change! That’s why I’ve decided to do a round up for the most easy, fun and creative Father’s Day crafts, printables and activities for preschoolers!

I’ve divided the Father’s Day activities for preschoolers into 3 categories: craft activities, printable activities, and treats.

Creative Father’s Day Craft Activities

  1. Easy Father’s Day Fingerprint Craft CardThree Kids Three Cats and a Husband
Side angle finished Fathers Day hammer craft

Here’s an easy, personalized homemade Father’s Day card that even little ones can make. Great for dads who are handy with tools!

2. DIY Woodsy Style Candle in Mason JarsSwankey Den

diy mens candle gift in mason jar

These sandal wood and eucalyptus DIY mason jar candles make the perfect gift for men, for Father’s Day or for anyone that loves the outdoors. Best of all they’re easy and affordable to make. 

3. Toothbrush Spray Art with Kids Lil Tigers

toothbrush spray art

Make your own father’s day card with this fun spray technique. All you need is an old toothbrush and you are good to go.

4. DIY Heart String Art Lil Tigers

Nail Art

Surprise dad with this stunning nail art project for beginners. He will love it!

5. Dad Rocks Salt Dough Paperweight Craft– Ottawa Mommy Club

Kids can make this Dad Rocks Salt Dough Paperweight to give to their father on Father’s Day. Super fun and easy craft for kids.

6. The Best Dad Rocks Craft– Get Your Holiday On

my dad rocks craft with rocks dressed up as a dad and son or daughter.

Show dad how much he rocks with a creative art project. Keep kids entertained by making silly rocks or rocks that look like them. Plus, grab a free printable to add to your project!

7. Simple DIY Handprint Heart Card– All About Baby Blog

Valentines card diy

Try out this simple card to have the kids make for Dad this Father’s Day.

8. Super Hero Father’s Day Craft IdeaConservaMom

This fun Superhero Father’s Day Craft Idea is the perfect way for kids to show their father what an amazing superhero they think he is. Easy to make and a fun project that will be something they treasure forever!

9. Father’s Day DIY Canvas Hand Painting Craft for Kids Cendu Param

diy father's day gift by toddler

Here’s an easy peasy Father’s Day craft that even the littlest hands can make. Create a special handprint and quote wall hanging to let dad know how awesome he is.

10. Easy DIY Garden Stepping Stone CraftFluxing Well

DIY Garden Stepping Stones featured image

These easy garden stepping stones can be made to commemorate Father’s Day. There are many different ways to customize them.

11. Star Wars Yoda/Grogu Card Craft (Free Template)– Simple Everyday Mom

star wars valentine card craft

This Star Wars Yoda/Grogu Card craft is perfect for kids to make for Dads that love Star Wars.

12. Rocket Father’s Day Card CraftSimple Everyday Mom

hand gluing rocket to black paper

This Rocket Father’s Day Card craft is quick and easy for the kids to make for Father’s Day.

13. Easy Fish Print T-ShirtFluxing Well

Fun and Easy Father's Day Gift

This easy fish print t-shirt is simple enough for even the littlest kids to join in on making. It makes a fun, creative Father’s Day keepsake.

14. Father’s Day Footprint Craft– Tired Mom Club

Father's Day Footprint Craft. Father's Day weekend is almost here! Need a last minute gift idea, keepsake or card?? Try these!

This Father’s Day Footprint Card is a great craft for a last minute gift idea for dads or grandpas.

Father’s Day Activity Printables for Preschoolers

15. “I love my Dad” Father’s Day Printable SurveyThese Hungry Kids

free printable for dads for fathers day

These questionnaires make for an adorable keepsake! Have your child fill it out year after year to see how their answers change.

16. Father’s Day Coloring Pages (Free Printables)These Hungry Kids

Father's Day Printable Coloring Pages

These fun and easy printable coloring pages are totally free! Decorate dad’s office or favorite space with these exciting coloring pages.

17. Father’s Day Questionnaire and Free Coloring PagesAll About Baby Blog

free father's day printables

Use this free Father’s Day questionnaire and coloring pages to help the kids celebrate Father’s Day this year.

18. All About My Dad PrintablesMaple Planners

All About My Dad Printables for Father's Day

A Perfect gift for Father’s Day, that is so real and so thoughtful. These All about my Dad printables are great activities for Dads’ special day. Kids will have a blast putting this questionnaire together.

19. Free Printable Father’s Day Word Search for KidsTwo Kids and A Coupon

Help dad celebrate his special day by doing a fun and free printable Father’s Day word search for kids together!

Help dad celebrate his special day by doing a fun and free printable Father’s Day word search for kids together!

20. DIY Dog Themed Father’s Day CardThe Inspiration Edit

dog fathers day card for preschoolers

Here is a fantastic Fathers Day Card and free printable template. Fathers Day is a wonderful opportunity to get creative with the kids making gifts and that special DIY Fathers Day card.

21. Easy to Make Father’s Day Superhero Gift (Free Printable)A+ Teaching Resources

Easy To Make Father’s Day Superhero Gift {Free Printable}

Fun and super easy Super Hero Fathers Day Craft with free template.

22. Free Father’s Day Printable Activities in Spanish for Preschoolers Lorenna & Lennox Bilingual Beginnings

Four Free Father’s Day printable PDF activities in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners   . These are the perfect activity to do in the classroom or at home!

Four Free Father’s Day printable PDF activities in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. They are the perfect activity to do in the classroom or at home!

23. All About My Dad Printables (+Grandpa and Special Person)Literacy Learn

Pinterest graphic showing the all about my dad and my dad and me worksheets with the words "Free printables- All about Dad worksheets with grandpa and special person options."

Celebrate your special person on Father’s Day with these free printable PDFs! They guide children to share all about dad, in their own words! Children will answer questions on the “All About my Dad” printable page, then draw a picture of the two of them together on the “My Dad and Me” page.

24. Show Kindness to Dads Father’s Day CardCoffee and Carpool

These Father's Day cards from kids are so sweet and meaningful because they're Father's Day Cards kids can make. #fathersday #fathersdaycards #fathersdaygifts #cardskidscanmake #

Use this Father’s Day poem as a card or a gift. There’s a version for dads, daddies, fathers, papas, and dadas.

25. Father’s Day Color Me Candy Wrapper Card- DIY Party Mom

Celebrate dad with a free printable candy bar wrapper printable this Fathers day.  Color, wrap around a Hershey candy bar, and give to your favorite dad as a yummy Fathers Day card.

Celebrate dad with a free printable candy bar wrapper printable this Fathers day. Color, wrap around a Hershey candy bar, and give to your favorite dad as a yummy Fathers Day card.

26. Father’s Day Coloring Pages– Cendu Param

fathers day coloring pages free

Your toddler will love creating a special masterpiece for dad this Father’s Day with these super cute (and absolutely free) Father’s Day coloring pages. Make a card or frame it for dad to proudly hang and display.

Father’s Day Treat Activity

27. Father’s Day Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese FrostingSaving Talents

Father's Day Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Your toddler will love making and decorating these cute Father’s Day cookies for dad!


In conclusion, I hope you have gained some inspiration on ideas for crafts the kids can make or participate in making for dad this year.

What ideas do you have for crafts or printables preschoolers can give as gifts for Father’s Day? Leave them in the comments! I would love to hear!