Devotion Time for Busy Moms

We’re cooking, cleaning, running errands, shopping and the list could go and on. Moms are always helping and giving to others. We are constantly trying to find solutions to problems and ways to make things easier and better. We want to fix everyone’s problems so that our loved ones are happy. Let’s face it, we are SO busy. And the truth is, this is draining. It will only be a matter of time before this constant cycle depletes us. As a mom of 4, I can say this from experience. This is why it is vitally important to take sometime for yourself. Quiet and devotion time for busy moms is the only way we can be replenished so that we can continue to give out the way we desire.

You maybe asking, “Well if I’m so busy how will I have anytime for myself”? It takes making priorities, planning and a lot of determination, but if I can do it so can you! It is very possible for busy moms to have devotion time.

Prioritizing for Devotion Time

In order for a busy mom to have devotion time it is going to take prioritization. There are so many things on our to do lists every day that we don’t include “me time”. This is detrimental to our emotional, spiritual and physical health. The first thing we can do is add prayer and devotion to the top of our to do list. If there is a dedicated space on your list to get this accomplished the likelihood of you taking time for it is increased tremendously.

The next step is to take off items from your to do list. What? How can I do that? It maybe hard at first, especially for those of us who love our lists, but this is one of the best ways to prioritize. When you look at your list to see what can be put off or even taken away, you open your eyes to see what is really important and what’s not.


The next step to take to accomplish devotion time for a busy mom is to plan. Planning ahead is another step that will help you accomplish devotion time. If you plan ahead you are not busy trying to hurry other things up to make time for yourself. This only complicates your day and makes getting things accomplished more hectic because it’s already included in the plan for the day! A part of planning is also timing. It may not be feasible for you to spend one or two hours alone a day. That is okay! Even if it’s 5 or 10 minutes as a start, anytime you can have to spend in prayer or devotion is better than none.

Another part of planning is finding what devotional to use. I use a mixture of devotion plans from the Bible app and devotional books. It’s never a bad idea to just use your bible as well. You can always find a couple of passages to focus on for the day. I have found great devotional books for women and moms from

busy mom having prayer and devtion time

How I accomplish my prayer and devotion time is to set my alarm earlier than when the kids wake up. This way I have my time when the house is still and quiet. I have tried different techniques and this way has been the most successful for me. As a busy mom, having my devotion time in the mornings has allowed me to be refilled, motivated and strengthened to face whatever the day may bring. Having your devotion time in the morning may not be for you. You can also consider having your devotion time after you put the kids down for the night. This is your journey! You have to do what is best for you and your househould.

Determination to have Devotion Time

The truth is we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. If you are a busy mom, but determined to have your devotion time you will get it done. You will see that after you have prioritized and planned, your determination factor will increase. Once your plan is in action it is much more likely to stick with it and reach success. Reaching success is always motivation to continue doing what is working.


I really do hope and pray that this post has helped to inspire you to make an effort to have your devotion time. Yes, being a busy mom makes it a bit more difficult to accomplish, but with prioritization, planning and determination I know you can do it!

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