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Meet the Mom

Picture of the author of Inspirational Mom life. This is meet the mom.

Very nice to meet you!



I’m Alicia



I became a mommy around 10 years ago and since then 3 more baby blessings have been added! I am very grateful for these little ones. Going from 0 kids to 4 in a matter of just a few years was not easy, but what a joyful ride it has been!



After becoming a mommy I knew almost immediately I wanted to be able to stay at home with them. Being present and intentional with my motherhood journey is a goal I’ve had from the very beginning.



I wanted to be the one that helps mold their faith and beliefs as well as start their early childhood education. It is my goal to be their main influence, especially during their early years.



Before becoming a mom I worked as a registered nurse. This was not an easy transition, but I do not regret my decision at all.


Being able to be at home with the kids has been a huge blessing. As the children are growing and in school I want to now focus on building my online business as well as work from home as an RN. I have prayed for a door to open and God has answered! I am currently working from home as a registered nurse, doing telemedicine.


┬áThis journey hasn’t always been easy. Motherhood is life changing and the most rewarding job we can have. It can also make you feel isolated which can lead to loneliness, anxiety, stress and a number of other negative emotions. But there is hope!


It my goal to inspire you to be intentional about your motherhood journey and to be the best that you can be! This means remembering taking care of you too! I have had to learn a lot!



There is nothing easy about mom life. We have so much to take care of all at once. Here we will tackle the obstacles of motherhood as well as celebrate the victories together!



I am so happy you’re here!






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