Self Care Tips For Busy Moms

What exactly is self-care? Why is it so important, especially for moms? Self-care is anything that you do to keep yourself healthy. This goes far beyond just physical health. Self-care includes care for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Self- care is vitally important for moms because we are the ones that are doing EVERYTHING for EVERYONE else. We have to be sure that we take time to rest, relax and recharge. If not, we will not be any good for anyone else.  To be honest, I am just venturing into this self-care journey and I cannot tell you how much better I feel and how much more productive I am! I am very excited to share my self-care tips for busy moms with you!

What I love about these tips is that you won’t have to do one and then wait another three months to have time to do something for yourself again. These tips are things you can incorporate into your daily schedule.  These self-care tips for moms will help improve your physical, spiritual and emotional health!

Self-Care Tips For Moms

The first tip on this list self-care tips for moms list is to prioritize. This may not seem like a self-care tip, but trust me, it is! Sometimes I look at my to-do list and think there is no way I will be able to get all of this done! Can you relate? This used to make me feel like a failure, but not anymore. My trick is to look over my list carefully and then prioritize what needs to be done that day and then I can shift the other things around. I am also sure to have a “me time” or break included on the list. Without that “me time” being included, it just won’t get done. Prioritizing decreases anxiety levels as wells as the horrible feeling of being overwhelmed.

Quiet Time

The next tip on this list of self-care tips for moms is to take if only a few minutes of each day and have time for prayer and devotion. Again, be sure this is included on your to do list. I love having my quiet time in the morning. I use this time to pray, listen to worship, speak affirmations over myself and family and read scripture. After my quiet time I am refreshed and charged up for the day!

Healthy Eating as a Self-Care Tip for Busy Moms

healthy foods. eating right as a self care tip for busy moms

My third tip for self –care for moms is to eat right regularly. What we eat plays such an important role in our overall health. If we are not consuming the correct amount of vitamins and minerals daily we can throw ourselves out of balance.

Eating right leads right into my next tip which is exercising! I know you may feel like you just don’t have the time to do this, but where there is a will there is a way! I used to think the same thing, but when I added exercising to my do list it became easier and easier to accomplish. Routine is key! The benefits of exercise are endless. Exercise can help raise your energy levels. It can also help with improving stress and anxiety levels.

Beauty Rest

getting ready for bed. planning bedtime to get good rest as a self care tip for busy moms

The fourth tip on our list of self –care tips for moms is to plan your bedtime. Rest is essential for all aspects of health. Without rest our bodies cannot recharge the way it needs to. You can find more health tips for moms here.

Next on our self-care tips list is to do something that makes you feel good about yourself. Personally, I love painting my nails or trying out a new hairstyle. It may seem silly, but I feel great after doing these. We don’t “beautify” ourselves for vanity, but keeping ourselves up helps build our self-confidence.

What Do You Love to do Mom?

The last tip on my list is to take time to do something that you love. This could be anything from taking a relaxing bubble bath to playing a musical instrument or even reading a favorite book. The choices are endless! Do something that makes you feel happy! I know that our schedules are hectic and it’s hard to find time to do things for ourselves, but even doing just one thing here and then another there can make a world of difference.

Conclusion of Self Care Tips for Busy Moms

In conclusion, I truly hope these self-care tips for moms have been helpful to you. It has taken me awhile to get over the guilt of self-care. Now that I have, I feel like a brand new woman and I want the same for you!

Have any other tips? What do you do for self-care? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Love the self care tips. I will be putting them into practice immediately. Very practical and easy to incorporate into the daily routine. Thanks so much for this awesome information.!

      1. Thank you for those tips!! They are all vital to maintaining a healthy mental and physical balance! ❤

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