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What’s It Like Teaching Online With Magic Ears?

I started my work from home career about 3 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have made! You can read more about my story here. I knew what type of job I was looking for as a stay-at-home mom with 4 young kiddos. I needed great pay, flexibility, chances for promotion and to work completely from home. When I started teaching online for Magic Ears I found exactly that.

Now, I will say that Magic Ears is not the first ESL company I worked for. I did start my work from home journey as a stay at home with a couple of different companies. These companies just didn’t have everything I was looking for. I am still grateful for them because they gave me the foundation I needed as an ESL teacher.

Hiring Process for Magic Ears: Getting Ready to teach online with Magic Ears

Hiring process steps for teaching online with Magic Ears.

Next, let’s jump right into the hiring process for Magic Ears. As I mentioned earlier I have been with the company for about 3 years now. I have seen changes made to this process and each time it continues to get better and better. The process is now much shorter than when I got started!

First things first….in order to work for Magic Ears there are a few requirements you will need in order to be eligible to teach with them.

Bachelor’s Degree (or working towards one)

ESL Certificate

Any type of teaching experience

Native English Speaker from USA, Canada or South Africa

Once you have determined you meet the Magic Ears requirements, it’s time to apply. After your application is approved the next step will be your interview demo.

Interview Demo with Magic Ears

You have two options for the interview demo. These can either be live or recorded. The recorded demo is a recording of you teaching a lesson. The second option is to book a live demo.

During the live demo the interviewer will ask just a few questions to get to know you better. The next step will be for the interviewer to act as your “student”. You will teach a short demo of about 3-5 minutes.

The purpose of the demo whether live or recorded is for you to display your teaching personality. Now is a good time to mention Magic Ears is looking for a particular type of teaching personality. Magic Ears classes are high energy and fun. This company loves for their teachers to bring a great big smile to their students. If you can show high energy and passion you should not have issues passing the demo stage of the application process.

Check out this interview example from the Magic Ears YouTube Channel.

Once you receive your results you will be prompted to upload proof of your ESL certificate and your Bachelor’s degree to your teacher portal.

Trial Demo

It’s showtime! After your interview demo whether recorded or live the next step is to complete the trial demo. This is the part of the process where you will teach a lesson to one of the Magic Ears coaching staff. When you book you will receive the lesson as well as training materials. It is very important to review the materials given. Follow all of the instructions and recommendations given. This will definitely increase your chances of passing on the first try.

At this step you should have your teaching space set up. This includes having a kid-friendly background behind you. It is also important to make sure your space is well lit. Be sure your face is bright and that the lighting is not casting any shadows behind you or in front of your face. You will also want to plan out what props you will use for your demo lesson. There is a minimum of 2 per lesson for Magic Ears. It’s so easy to incorporate many more that. Here’s more info to help you with these.

Bring all of the energy and passion that you brought to your interview….and add more if you can! It is a must that you use TPR, repetition, voice variation, and simple phrases for giving instructions to your “student”. Please be sure to avoid voice dragging as well.


Magic Ears is now giving an UNLIMITED amount of attempts to pass the trial demo! This means if you do not pass on the first try you can try again until you pass.

Here is an example of a Level One Magic Ears class to help prep for the trial demo.

Background Check and Contract

Finally! We’ve made it to the background check! Once the information is filled out Magic Ears should receive your results in just a few days. Then you will receive your contract to sign! Yay!

Your pay is determined by the amount of experience you have and your educational credentials. You share this information when first applying to Magic Ears. The current pay scale for Magic Ears is $18-$26/hour.

Now You’re Ready to Teach ESL Online with Magic Ears

Teaching ESL online with Magic Ears really is one of the most fun jobs in the world, in my opinion. Magic Ears classes are grouped to 1-4 students aged 4-12. The platform is very interactive. Lessons are loaded with wonderful videos, songs, games and animations to make teaching and learning an all around fun experience.


Teaching hours for Magic Ears.

Bookings are generated by a computer system so you do not have to market yourself or worry about parents booking classes. You are guaranteed bookings from the very beginning! There are no minimum requirements either.

Bookings with Magic Ears do work on a ranking system. This means that you will start off with fewer bookings, but as you show that you can teach following the rules and protocols you can then rank up. After teaching 10 classes your success coach will evaluate your classes and determine if you’re ready to be ranked up. This system is followed from Freshman, to Sophomore, Junior, Senior and then Magic Master. Juniors receive a 50-60% booking rate. Seniors receive a 90% booking rate. Magic Masters receive a 100% booking rate.

Magic Ears has one the BEST cancellation policies in the ESL industry. This is due to them having an incredible stand by system. If a teacher signs up for a stand by class, that teacher is agreeing to take a class on short notice. There are bonuses for teaching these classes as well as for just being available for them. You control your schedule on your teachers portal.

Magic Ears Classes

Each class is 25 minutes long with a five minute break in between. This allows you to get ready for your next class, use the restroom and have some water or coffee. Time management is very important with Magic Ears classes, just as with any other ESL online platform. I would suggest not booking yourself for back to back slots in the very beginning.

Teaching with passion, time management and noise control are all very important elements of having a smooth running Magic Ears class. All of these take time and practice to accomplish, but no worries! Magic Ears offers free workshops to help with all of these and more!

Feedback is required for every student and after each lesson. This can also be done through your teacher portal. You have 18 hours to complete feedback from the end of your class time.


In conclusion Magic Ears really is an amazing company to teach ESL online for. The flexibility, pay and support are all wonderful aspects of this company. With the support of others and staff I have grown as a teacher in leaps and bounds since I started my online ESL career. I do understand that what works for one may not for another. Not sure if Magic Ears is the right company for you? Here is my list of 5 amazing ESL online companies.

Everything you need to know about teaching ESL online with Magic Ears.

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